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Welcome to Interstate 42, the mystical highway that's filled with beautiful landscapes, funky landmarks, quirky signboards, interesting hitchhikers and emotional bonds. Predominantly stuck in my lab as a doctoral student, as of now, I haven't been able to invest in the emotional quotient. That is something I hope to rectify volunteering at AID, travelling to campaign and  project sites, meeting people and forming a connection. Still figuring out what I want to do with my life and thus, not sure what direction this blog will take. As of now it is simply a travel diary. Who knows what lies down the line?

About me, I am an engineer from NIT Calicut, now pursuing his Masters and Doctorate in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at RPI in Troy, New York State. I try to maintain the following blogs. 

1) Interstate 42 - Tales from the road.
2) TechSpeak - A collection of articles on Physics, Materials Science and Engineering that I came across in a quest for knowledge, now suitably organized and presented on a single portal.
3) Life in a black and white world - Personal space filled with articles based on my reading, dreams and general self realization.
4) Struggle against terrorism - Single post, now defunct.

Enjoy reading. If you have any comments or any suggestions or just want to drop in to say hi, feel free to post a comment. There is nothing more valuable than your opinion.

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