Sunday, October 30, 2011

The road less travelled

Well, this week I am cheating; sort of at least. The post this time is about a place I haven’t been to yet. It’s more like a build up to, hopefully, my thanksgiving weekend upload. Oh boy, am I taking this road in a couple of weeks?

Connecting Newfoundland and West Milford in New Jersey runs the 10-mile stretch of Clinton Road. What’s special about the road? Watch this.

The video is a segment from a Travel Channel series on the “Most Terrifying Places in America”.

The road has been associated with paranormal activities for over a century. Stories of the phantom truck, weird animals, satanic rituals and frozen dead bodies have had plenty of people scared. Some of the above stories are true, like the serial killer “Iceman” using the roadside for dumping his victims. Reports of KKK activity also have some substance. Everything else is so unbelievable and severely exaggerated that the trip could end up to be damp squib.

In any case, the general endorsement is that it is a scary, creepy, isolated road. The road essentially winds through a desolate woodland in the middle of nowhere. There are no connecting roads or homes along the road. So what do you expect, especially at night? It is said that you essentially have a spine-tingly feeling while driving down this road raising the hair along the nape of your neck. This one, I have to check out.


  1. I'm moving to NJ this week and this road will an adventure to explore. I love doing crazy stuff and if I go there, I will tell you my experience...:)

  2. Saru, enjoy your trip and of course have company as well, just in case.