Sunday, October 9, 2011

Does this ring a bell?

I can afford to procrastinate no more. The deadline is fast approaching. Earlier, each time stared at the blank screen of my would-be thesis, I would end up working on a new blog post. Not this time. This weekend, I finally managed to finish a major chunk of my candidacy report. On the flip side, though, I haven’t got time to work on this week’s post. So it’s a short one this time, just one photograph in fact.

Does this photograph ring a bell? It’s an easy one. Think LA. Think Movies. Shoot away in the comments box. I’ll update the post with the answer on Thursday.


Apologies for the delay. Today was one of the rare day’s when I felt good about my research and wanted to fully utilize it. Now, the photograph; the answer is already down there among the comments.

It is the aqueduct immortalized by Terminator 2. Watch it again hereOne final thing, remember the place where the truck jumps into the canal. The above pic was shot from roughly the same location.


  1. no idea!!! :)
    the easiest comment

  2. good luck with the studies, and photograph,,eerrr

  3. You threw a dead body in there? If not, I have no idea.

  4. Thanks Chintan.
    & MP, ABFTS... Regarding the photo, think LA, think movies :)

  5. Part of some movie??? Have to wait for the answer!