Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Orleans Slideshow

New Orleans, Louisiana
Dec 31st 2010 - Jan 3rd 2011

It’s been close to ten months now since the NOLA trip. A lot has transpired over that period - a few ski trips, hikes and a leap of faith. Yet, those three days in New Orleans are still fresh in my mind. No doubt this post is long overdue. The trip was decided on a whim, and with minimal planning I set off from the dull university town of Troy in the wee mornings of 31st December 2010.

New Orleans was catastrophically impacted by Hurricane Katrina which has been described as “the worst engineering disaster in the world since Chernobyl”. Though many of the residents had evacuated by the time the hurricane approached at the end of August 2005, and flood walls and levees had been constructed by the US Army Engineer Corps, the flood protection system failed catastrophically resulting in countless deaths. Many are still unaccounted for.

The damage to the city can still be seen. But as society is known to do, the city recovered and is still very much a party town. The city ‘takes almost any occasion for an excuse for a parade, a party, and live music, and in New Orleans most events often have a touch of Mardi Gras year round’. Like they say, “New Orleanians are either planning a party, enjoying one or recovering from one” [Source]. That makes NOLA a great place to welcome the New Year.

New Orleans is a vibrant city, colorful and a true melting pot. Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures I took. The background score was made while fiddling around with Apple’s Garage Band. If it sounds, in part, to anything you have heard before, blame Apple :)

This was my first attempt at something like this. It took longer than my usual posts but working on it helped me perk up after a rough week. Do let me know what you think and if it’s a good idea or not to make travelogues in this form.

Cheers and have a wonderful week.


  1. I've always wanted to go to New Orleans. The sights, the sounds, the music, the people, the culture, the food. Hell, I'm getting hungry just thinking about some good cajun cooking.

  2. ABFTS... it's definitely worth a visit or two. But I wouldn't call it home though. Just don't have the appetite for partying and music day in and day out.