Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

Growing up near the equator I had never really experienced the true meaning of change. To me then, any change was like the process of evolution; it took time. Nature is so complex that it would have a slow response to change, always; or so I thought. Then, Troy happened and I finally got to see four full seasons. Here are a few campus shots capturing the same. 

Middle of spring

 Towards the end of summer

 Fall colors at their peak

Last winter was one of the roughest we have had

This contrast shows nature at its best. Pity we are exploiting it at a level that may possibly bring upon us nature’s full fury. Have we crossed the tipping point? Will we go the dinosaurs’ way?


  1. You presented the seasons so beautifully. Love the colors of the fall. I wish you respect the nature a little more...

  2. Thanks Saru. Nothing can beat Fall.

  3. The weather is turning to crap here in Chicago, and I'm trying not to think about its frozen glory.

  4. India we enjoy 6 includes the monsoon :)

  5. ABFTS... the ski slopes might cheer you up.
    SUB... fortunately or unfortunately, not where I come from. There it's either hot and humid or raining. Technically, there is a winter as well. You can hardly call it that though.

  6. Out of curiosity: have you colour corrected the images? Especially 1st and 3rd? If you have, brilliant! If you haven't, WOW!!!

  7. Actually I haven't. 1 and 3 have an awesome color thanks to nature and Canon. The other two are mobile cam pics.
    Thanks for visiting :)