Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things

A month back I was in Philly. It was a day trip to visit a friend and I did not have time to explore the city. There was not much point either since it was Columbus day and most museums were closed. Nevertheless, my friend decided to show me the Liberty Bell and a couple of other places in the short time we had.

Driving around the city, at some point the GPS lost its signal and my friend happened to comment, “I think I am lost”. Suddenly a sweet voice responded from the back of the car. It was her daughter strapped into her child restraint seat. “Mommy, you are not lost. I can still see you”.

Now, if that did not put a smile to your face you must have a heart of stone. Next week, I’ll write about the Philly trip in detail. Until then, cheers and have a blast. Wait, what's that I hear? You have more such stories? Do share it with us in the comments section.


  1. That, is hilarious. Leave it to a kid to point out the comical truth of any situation.

  2. Kids always unknowingly put a smile on our faces. I'm 17, and it's happened to me :D

    If you could spare a few minutes, could you read a post of this almost-no-longer-kid? And maybe give a feedback or a vote? I'd be much obliged, Ma'am :)
    It'd go a long way in helping me out with a competition :)

  3. ^ Ma'am? What gave you that idea!!! Never mind, you said it yourself. Kids always unknowingly put a smile on our faces :P